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Step into a wolf's paws as you roleplay with the Feather-Wolves. Live your wolven life with your pack, and try to survive.
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 Seasonal Weather

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PostSubject: Seasonal Weather   Seasonal Weather Icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar - 22:05

The weather of the WHP is varied, depending on season. In summer, it is hot and humid, and results in many thunderstorms and rain. However, the territory has always gone through a week called the 'Death Week' by elder members- it has gone through a great drought on a week in summer. In this time, the elk move away, the sun is always up except for a very short period of night, and the water dries up. Even though it is a week, it feels much longer, and the landscape shows it.

In spring, the snow starts to melt, and we may have short showers of rain, or occasionally even a quick flurry of snow. This is the time everyone gets their nutrients, as we never know when the Death Week will decide summer's marking period.

In autumn, the leaves fall, and we get many small flurries. There is more of a dry period, but the plants still survive. It gets windy, and the water we do get is usually flurries that melt as they touch are tongues, as we have larger snowflakes.

In winter, snow doesn't leave the ground. However, it may freeze over, allowing us to chase the elk better. It gets very cold, and the wind seems to essentially stop blowing, except for the occasional blizzard or snowstorm. We get water by pounding our paws upon the icy cover of the pond or drinking in the cooler areas of the spring.

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Seasonal Weather
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