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 About Brothers/Sisters in Flights

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PostSubject: About Brothers/Sisters in Flights   About Brothers/Sisters in Flights Icon_minitimeFri 30 Mar - 1:41

After a celebratory hunt for your joining, you are to choose a venue, and find a bird type that either matches your personality, and/or fits with your rank (AKA a Talon might choose an eagle, Wing might choose a finch, ect.). The birds usually are in flocks, but only one will fly down to meet you. He/She will allow you near, and you shall bond with them for one week of roleplay time. If they are still distant, you will return the bird to the flock, and try again with a new bird. Eventually, you will have the right bird, and the bird will be your Brother/Sister in Flight. It is believed in the WHP domain that by gaining a B/SiF, you grow wings in the afterlife, and fly with your partner, while paw-passers of normal packs will always be on the ground, usually haunting a place.
Your partner will also help you with your rank.
Ideal birds for ranks:
Beaks: Larger, faster birds with large, sharp beaks and a streamlined body. (Hawk, Falcon, Kite, ect.)
Talons: The largest birds that can do major damage and high defense, sharp talons. (Eagle, Vulture, Harrier, ect.)
Wings: Small birds that has small beaks to carry herbs, and usually good song-voices. (Finch, Nightingale, Sparrow, ect.)
Fliers: Fast, small birds with loud voices, and dull colors. (Crows, vultures, blue-jay, ect.)

Vultures are included in the Fliers rank because they are great trackers, and can blend in.

To gain the true acceptance, you must be aloud to pluck two feathers from the bird. Then, he/she and you will be partners, and if your B/SiF dies, you will be the one to bury him/her. It is your responsibility to keep him/her safe, and her/him the same about you.

Hope this helps!

~Raven Singing to the Night, Your alpha

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About Brothers/Sisters in Flights
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