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Step into a wolf's paws as you roleplay with the Feather-Wolves. Live your wolven life with your pack, and try to survive.
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 Vento and Volare's bio

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PostSubject: Vento and Volare's bio   Vento and Volare's bio Icon_minitimeSun 8 Apr - 22:56

Name: Vento sotto del ala (Wind under the wing)

Nicknames: Vento

Age: 2 1/3

Gender: male

Crush: none

Mate: none

Parents: uccello (father), Pluma, (Mother)

Pups: none

Littermates: Ala (sister), nuvola (sister), cielo (brother)

Rank: Wing

Eye Colour: dark brown

Fur Colour: Dark brown with hues of tan

Markings: white underbelly and around eyes

Personality: Kind, quite, shy. When he does talk its very thought out. scared of strangers is very knowledgeable about plants

Likes: smell of herbs being with close friends, nice wolves,

Dislikes: felling different, mean wolves, fighting

Strengths: knows a ton about plants and their works

Weaknesses: hates fighting and is quite shy, wont stand up for himself

Theme song: I'll think of one

History: He was teased all growing up for being interested in herbs and their uses. Over time that led to him being so quite. The only person who didn't teas him was his sister, Nuvola. Who was also teased for wanted to be a warrior. One day when he was helping the healers gather herbs he found and injured quetzal. He took him home and treated to his injuries. they soon became very close friends. Which led to more teasing when he was two he left with out telling is parents. the only person he said good by to was Nuvola. who he would miss greatly.


B/SiF Name: Volare (fly)

Gender: Male

Species: resplendent quetzal

Age He/She Chose You: About 1

Personality: Volare is quite kind and is a major show off. He loves his feathers dearly and hates it when he's dirty. He's very social but his closest fried will always be vento-for saving his life when he was attacked by crows- the only time he will become angry is when other wolves threaten his friend other. Him and Vento are inseparable.

Vento and Volare's bio Resplendentquetzal14

Vento and Volare's bio Resplendentquetzal1
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Vento and Volare's bio
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