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Step into a wolf's paws as you roleplay with the Feather-Wolves. Live your wolven life with your pack, and try to survive.
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 About the Ranks

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PostSubject: About the Ranks   About the Ranks Icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar - 23:10

The ranks are Alpha, Beta, Delta, Dream Catcher, Ferals (loners), Talons, Beaks, Wings, Omega, Fliers, Cubs, Learners, and Cload-Soarers. However, each has a different job.

Alpha- Leads the pack
Beta- Second in command, leads when Alpha is dead/gone
Delta- Learner training to be a beta
Dream Catcher- Recieves prophecies and dreams, and can talk to dead spirits.
Ferals- Loners
Talons- Fighters/Warriors
Beaks- Hunters
Wings- Healers
Omega- Lowest rank, eats last, does the harder work
Fliers- Scouts
Cubs- Pups
Learners- Apprentices
Cloud-Soarers- Dead spirits that fly in the clouds with their Companion-In-Flight.

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About the Ranks
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