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Step into a wolf's paws as you roleplay with the Feather-Wolves. Live your wolven life with your pack, and try to survive.
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 Raven's Bio

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PostSubject: Raven's Bio   Raven's Bio Icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar - 23:24

Name: Raven Singing to the Wind

Nicknames: Raven

Age: 2.3.4 (Years.Months.Days)

Gender: Female

Crush: None

Mate: None

Parents: Sparrow Flying in the Air (Mother), Ginga (Father)

Pups: None

Littermates: None

Rank: Alpha

Eye Colour: Red/Orange

Fur Colour: Black

Markings: She has some silver cheek markings

Personality: She is strict with the rules, as her father was a loner she does not talk about her past. She gets annoyed quickly, but won't show it, and believes herself to be right most of the time. She is quick to yell if someone makes fun of her, but she usually won't tell anyone else.

Likes: Being right, being leader, her raven companion

Dislikes: Loners, wolves making fun of her for her father being a loner

Strengths: She is a good leader, and has had her companion raven ever since she was an apprentice.

Weaknesses: She was a trickster when she was younger, and is stricter since she feels ashamed of herself

Theme song: Life Starts Now by Three Days Grace

History: She was just a normal wolf in the pack, except for the fact that she was Alpha's daughter. When the pack split, she decided to continue on with her raven, taking up lead position.


B/SiF Name: Krist
Gender: Male
Personality: He is very proud, and only stoops for Raven. He takes time to think about a desicion, whereas Raven is impulsive. At first, he was reluctant with her, and they didn't along, but now, they have the closest bond she could hope for.
Species: Raven
Age He/She Chose You: When she was an apprentice
What Venue: Silent Hill

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Raven's Bio
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