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Step into a wolf's paws as you roleplay with the Feather-Wolves. Live your wolven life with your pack, and try to survive.
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 Purdy's Life

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PostSubject: Purdy's Life   Sat 21 Apr - 23:58

Name: Purdy (Used to be: Queen of Night Time)

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 5 Years

Gender: Female

Crush: N/A

Mate: Used to be: Rokk (Used to be: Strong as a Rock)

Parents: Unknown

Pups: N/A

Littermates: N/A

Rank: Cloud-Soarer

Eye Colour: Baby blue

Fur Colour: White

Markings: N/A

Personality: She is a wise old female who is generally quiet. As she used to be a Beak for the pack, she is fast, and is proud of the ability. Purdy is very loyal, and almost didn't change her name when the pack split, but her mate convinced her to so the Shadow-Beasts would think of them as less threatening. Purdy is usually stubborn, but refuses to argue, mainly just sitting and not doing whatever you asked her to do.

Likes: Her sister, Rokk, the old pack, running

Dislikes: The shadow-beasts, bloodliness

Strengths: Running, her wisdom

Weaknesses: Stubborness

Theme song: In The End by Linkin Park

History: She was born a Feather-Wolf, and quickly made her group of friends as she trained. When she was two, she fell in love with Rokk, who was then known as Rock. At three, the pack split and her and Rokk stayed in the territory with a small group of others including Raven. Eventually Rokk convinced her that they should get to safer ground, and they started to travel. The Shadow-Beasts caught Rokk, and killed him and his brother. Up until her death, Purdy lived only with her sister.


B/SiF Name: Isabella
Gender: Female
Species: Dove
Age He/She Chose You: 7 months old
What Venue: Hills

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Purdy's Life
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